Rebellion across the land!
We are standing hand in hand.
We hold on to fight for our right!
Rebellion across the land!
We are standing hand in hand.
We´ll be strong, we hold on tight!

The arguments of politics are just made to gather
All the goods and properties that belong to others:
Politicians theft!!
They call it taxes, but their wealth get bigger,
While poor people starving
Or waiting to get sicker because there´s nothing left!!

We are called upon to stop their way!
Come on! There´s no more word to say!
Waiting will be suicide!
And Death had lost its fright!

We are the waste politics will leave
Behind, while their pacifying words deceive:
It is a legalized crime!
Poverty is growing in this world more and more
For politics that´s justice - by the self made law
It is a cruel time!

Time is money and both is rare.
It is time that someone cares.
Can´t say enough to get into your mind:
These people are blind!!

Conditions must be changed or mankind won´t survive
Too much to die, too few to live - this you can´t call "life":
Changes must be fast!
The day will come the politicians will realize,
that they can´t eat their gold or money - and they´ll die.
Ignorance will last!!

Again we´ll see what once we saw:
People are equal, but some are more (equal).
We´re called upon to prevend to fail
Ending this never ending tale.

Lyrics: Timon Schreiber
Music: Andreas Gutjahr

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