Sense of Life

Wondering what’s the sense of life / But does this really matter
Isn’t it enough to manage / (to) stay somehow alive?
Egoism is the term how I call this thinking
Go on with this fault if you want to stay alone.
Some guys may say well this is / just the way life goes
you’ll be to weak to change this fact
But the bible tell us what’s important in our life
Come and find the truth

Sense of life – let the faith get in
Sense of life – hope will lift you high
Sense of life – and your love will grow
Sense of life – you’ll be not alone.

Willingly you made the change / step by step believing
Jesus seems to be the one /who rules your life
But one day you’re looking back. / Doubts they are increasing
and you ask yourself again / ”What’s left to carry on?”
This is not the day to give up what you wanted once
You should remember day of change
And your thoughts shall bring back what your heart is longing for
Faith, Hope, Love for the One.

Sense of life –…

Have you found your sense of life / If not you are invited
Read the bible and find out / what sense is meant to you
And be sure it is God’s will / that you are retrieving
if you start to give without / expecting a return
Of course, there are a lot of ways / that you can go
No individual is the same
But as long as you stay on the same way Jesus went
your life makes its sense

Sense of life –… (2x)

All Lyrics: Timon Schreiber / Music by Andi Gutjahr, copyright 2004

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